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Top 5 Security Guard Myths

Most people don’t really know what a Security Guard does on a day to day basis. But this doesn’t prevent them from inventing their own ideas for a Security Guard’s job description.

In this post, learn five of the top myths people believe about Security Guards.

Myth 1: Security Guards are Hired for Their Brawn.

In most cases, Security Guards are hired more for their brain and their instincts than for any brute physical strength.

Yes, it can be helpful to remain physically fit for overall health and to keep reflexes sharp, but this is not a job requirement for for being good at this job.

Myth 2: Security Guards are just “Police Lite”.

Some people see Security Guard’s as individuals who are police academy drop-outs or aspiring police.

The truth is, working Security Guards tend to be neither. A Security Guard is a professional position in its own right, with its own rigorous set of standards and requirements, including the right to choose whether to work unarmed or while carrying a weapon.

Each state sets its own requirements for Guard training, certification and licensure. In most states, a Security Guard must complete up to 40 hours of training before being able to receive a license. Guards who wish to carry a firearm must complete additional training.

However, Security Guards do have some legal powers that are similar to police powers. Security Guards can make an arrest if they have witnessed an individual committing a felony. A Security Guard can also detain an individual in a reasonable manner with probable cause.

Myth 3: The Day-To-Day Job is Boring.

This has become one of the most persistent myths about Security Guards. The myth is that they sit all day, drinking coffee, eating donuts and staring at remote surveillance monitors.

Nothing could be further from the truth. A Professional Security Guard must be constantly vigilant, since calm can turn to chaos literally at any moment. While fatalities on the job are rare, it is always possible, which ensures no work day will ever be boring.

Myth 4: Security Guards Don’t Have to Work Well With People.

Another well-established myth about Security Guards is that they don’t have to possess good people skills.

Actually, Guards need better people skills than most professional fields require, due to the extreme sensitivity of their role.

Diffusing conflict, negotiating compromise, enforcing policy and protecting others are all essential aspects of a Guard’s job, and each requires the most sensitive and skilled communication to achieve success.

Myth 5: Security Guards Must Carry Their Own Security Company Insurance.

While it is always a great idea to carry a personal professional liability policy, in many cases, it falls to the employer to carry Security Company insurance to cover the firm and its employees.

In the case of a Self-Employed Security Guard (and especially for an Armed Security Guard) working a contracting firm may require Security Guards working as independent contractors to provide proof of an active insurance policy.

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