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The Benefits of a Security Guard Management System

Although Security Guard Management Systems have been around for years, it has only been since the development of Smartphone technology that they are more accessible and more cost effective than ever before.

At this point in time, any security guard, patrol or alarm monitoring company, no matter how large or small, will benefit significantly from such a system.

These systems offer tremendous benefits to companies in the following areas:

• General Liability and Workers Comp Risk
• Client Relations/Marketing
• Employee Relations
• Elimination of Billing Disputes
• Employee Accountability
• Reporting Accuracy

In an attempt to defend a liability suit, I can recall spending hours in an offsite record storage room trying to locate a particular log book in order to determine whether an employee was, in fact, properly following post orders. The ability to track the activity and position of an employee can insulate your company against false allegations when a crime or other incident occurs on a client’s premises. A main benefit of a security guard management system is that it allows the user to prepare a variety of reports that would eliminate the need for manually prepared log entries or handwritten daily shift reports. Since the activity in the database is usually time stamped, it is far better for defense purposes than a paper document. In addition, this automated security solution is cost effective by saving companies money by reducing the time it takes to report incidents.

A report from the field regarding a safety hazard at a client’s site, received instantly, along with photos, could easily prevent a potential workers comp case!

Regarding clients relations, most systems provide the ability for a company’s clients to log in and view the activity on their sites in real time. Such a feature adds value to your service by giving your clients a high level of confidence that their property is secure. Another added feature is the ability to send automatic emails from the field to report an incident to management and/or your client, providing your clients assurance that “no news is good news”!

Many contracts have been lost for something as simple as a supervisor, operations manager or even the owner inadvertently not following through with their client’s request. Some systems provide the ability to submit follow up reports from the field with email notifications to the appropriate individuals. These reports can appear on a desktop calendar with follow up dates, personnel assigned and current status.

From a marketing standpoint, having a security management system in place enhances your proposal and presentation to potential clients by showing a higher level of sophistication than many of your competitors.

The follow up feature may also allow for a field user to report a paycheck error, request PTO (personal time off), request for a uniform replacement, or file a complaint. The ability to communicate instantly with management gives the field personnel a sense of satisfaction that can stop issues from intensifying.

A security guard management system provides indisputable evidence of site visits, patrol stops, site rounds and alarm responses with all records maintained in a cloud based database! Some systems will even clock the amount of time spent at each event. Weekly or monthly system reports sent with your invoices will even speed the approval process and improve your cash flow!

Employee accountability is important in any organization. However, in the security industry, employees are entrusted to protect the physical and human assets of its clients. Security guard management systems can also assist in quickly “weeding out” those employees who jeopardize their employer with their misconduct.

A good security management system should include the following features:

• Full Database of Activity including Photos and Files
• Cloud Based on a Secure Server
• A Client Portal
• Daily Shift Reports
• Formal incident Reporting
• Follow Up Reporting
• GPS Capability
• Automatic Email Notifications
• Various Management Report Formats

In summary, security guard management systems should be considered almost a necessity in today’s competitive environment. They come with a variety of features and with a wide range of prices. We would encourage every security company owner to find one that fits their needs and reap the benefits of implementing an automated system.

Written By:
H. Richard Dickinson
Dickinson & Associates



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