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Security Guard in Apartments & Multi-family Complexes

Is the Apartment Security Guard Industry Right for Your Firm?

The apartment security industry is a particularly lively field right now, and if your firm is interested in expanding your clientele, we suggest looking at local opportunities. While the basics are fairly clear – guarding multi-family dwellings and managing access – there may be several questions about the details and what to expect. These FAQs are a great place to get started!

What Does Apartment Security Look Like?

Security guards at apartment buildings have several important responsibilities, some familiar and others more unique to apartment complexes. These can include:

  • Watch for suspicious behavior and threats, particularly at entry points to the apartment building
  • Log guests into the apartment properly according to required check-in procedures, and prevent unauthorized or unwanted guests from entering when necessary (this also involves familiarity with the apartment’s check-in system, which may use unique or proprietary software)
  • Monitor and manage the apartment’s security system, which may include a variety of sensors, cams, duress alarms, and more
  • Respond to emergency situations: This can be anything from checking out triggered alarms, deescalating fights or aggressive behavior outside the apartment building, keeping people away from an accident or medical emergency, or answering a specific call for help from a tenant
  • Contact the dispatch center or law enforcement as necessary for specific situations
  • Liaise with law enforcement when necessary, for searches, arrests, and investigations
  • Report any incidents that occur as required

In general, apartment security guards are not expected to deal with property management details, such as serving eviction notices or collecting rent payments. This is a very different type of security service.

Does Apartment Security Require Mobile Patrols?

Yes. Apartment security should always conduct periodic patrols of the apartment premises and parking lot to look for any potential problems and deter any unwanted acts (the apartment owner may also have specific guidelines for this). The larger the complex, the more work goes into patrolling, and since security guard presence may also be required at access points during this team, security teams are frequently used – though not always necessary. For especially large complexes, vehicles may also be required.

Who Does a Firm Work with For Apartment Security?

This can vary. Most often, the firm will work with property management companies that are looking for professional security services to manage specific properties. This is an advantage for security firms because a property management company that is satisfied with security is more likely to hire the firm for additional properties.

In other cases, individual landlords, owners, and investors may want to hire security guards themselves, especially if incidents recently occurred at their properties.

Is Apartment Security Dangerous?

It certainly can be, but this can vary greatly. There is the potential for a number of dangerous situations for apartment security, involving anything from aggressive individuals trying to enter the building to domestic disputes and fights inside – as well as preventing assault on the premises. Apartment guards need the proper experience and training to handle their responsibilities – and when things go wrong, security guards that aren’t ready can make mistakes. Your security firm already has a built-in advantage by guaranteeing properly licensed and credentialed guards that are able to handle dangerous situations appropriately, just the sort of thing property management companies are looking for.

Are There More Opportunities for Apartment Security Positions?

There is certainly growing interest in the field in many regions, especially when new apartment developments are completed, and tenants start moving in. Always note new multi-family developments in your region if you are interested in finding more work in this field

The apartment industry is also showing some concern about what will happen in the future: Currently, there is a 2021 rent freeze that began back in 2020 due to COVID-19 conditions, along with accompanying halts in evictions, etc. Bans and freezes are set to expire in the coming months (the specific dates are open for change, and states may have bans of their own in place as well), bring a lot of uncertainty to owners that are anxious to start collecting payments again. The rate of evictions is expected to spike when the rent freeze does end, and owners are generally worried that payments will be difficult to start collecting again after this turbulent time.

As we mentioned, security guards aren’t really expected to aid in the eviction process – but the process can be lengthy, involving multiple notices before law enforcement gets involved. That can lead to a lot of hostility, increased tensions, flared emotions, and generally more risk of danger. It’s no surprise that more landlords are taking more of an interest in apartment security.

How to Get Involved in Apartment Security

If your firm is interested in opportunities like this, start contacting local property management services and look for any postings about apartment security in your. As always, if your guards have the necessary experience and skills for jobs like these, it’s a good idea to advertise on your website and online ads that your firm is available for apartment security as well as other areas of expertise.

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