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Hiring Security Guards: What All Security Companies Should Know

Are you thinking about hiring security guards? Ensure you’re prepared before the hiring process. Read this guide and know what to look for in a security guard.

Whether you own a business or have a large home, ensuring your safety and the security of others is paramount.

If you’re undecided as to whether or not you should consider hiring security guards, there are a few important things to consider before you take the plunge.

From conducting interviews to performing background checks and talking to various companies, here are some helpful tips to ensure that you know exactly what to look for in a quality security guard and security company.

Consider What You Need Them to Do

Depending on the type of building or residence you need to be protected, a security guard can have a lot or just a few duties. Here are a few things you’ll need to determine that your security guard will do:

  • Patrol areas like the parking lot, the front and back of the building, and the inside of your business to ensure that there is no suspicious activity.
  • If you’re open during late night hours, the guard may help to safely escort employees to their car.
  • The guard should be trained in dealing with serious emergencies such as medical issues all the way up to fire alarms or even bomb threats.
  • Depending on your personal preference, they should also have proper, up to date firearm training and carry a firearm.
  • A security guard should also be personable and should greet customers and employees with a friendly “hello” and a smile.
  • Security guards should be able to enforce each individual company’s policies such as no photography on the premises, weapon search policies, and verifying guests.

Ask About Training When Hiring Security Guards

Before you say yes to employing a guard, it’s important that you know the types of training they have. Basic CPR training is a must in cases of medical emergencies, but there are also a few other training essentials they should have.

How well are they trained in basic customer service skills? How about identifying suspicious people and knowing how to handle those kinds of issues?

Being a security guard requires more than just being alert. The guard should have a working knowledge of how to deal with a wide variety of circumstances. They should also be trained in things like first aid, vehicle and foot patrol, and firearm handling if needed.

Check with the companies you’re interested in and ask to see their list of certifications. These requirements should be met by all of the candidates you interview for your own protection.

It’s also a good idea to find out if all guards have to have a clean background check as a condition of their employment.

Find Out About Monitoring

It goes without saying that you can’t be everywhere at once. That’s why a quality security guard company will be able to perform the oversight for you.

Many companies today use GPS monitoring to keep track of their guards, knowing exactly where they are at any given moment. This is especially important if you’re hiring a security guard who will be working overnight and early morning hours.

The purpose of monitoring isn’t just so you know where they are and what they are doing. It’s also designed to ensure the safety of the guards themselves.

A quality security guard should always be visible and present while on duty. Direct them to remain in high-traffic areas so that people see them. This creates an improved sense of security and can help keep criminals at bay.

Do Your Homework with Pricing and Reputation

Just like any other potential service you’re considering, hiring security guards will come at a cost. Make sure you do your research before you sign any contracts.

Ask local businesses who use the same company what their experiences have been like. Check online for customer reviews and determine whether or not their style and offerings will be a good fit for your needs.

Of course, the price is another important factor so make sure you find out ahead of time what their rates are. Will it be by the hour or by the month? Is it a flat billable fee, or can you expect to pay extra if the guard is needed during odd hours?

By gathering this information and getting a budget in place, you’ll be much better armed to make a good decision when you finally confirm the security guard for your home or business.

Armed or Unarmed: That Is the Question

If your goal is to keep assets and valuables safe, you might want to consider an armed guard. This option is frequently used by banks or other high-end locations, but it’s always something you can opt for regardless of the level of security you desire.

Keep in mind that armed security guards will cost you. That’s because they require a lot of additional training in order to safely and legally carry and potentially use a firearm.

Another reason for the higher costs is that armed security guard companies have to carry a much higher level of liability insurance.

Often, armed guards are only used for special events like sports or concerts. It’s really up to you if you want to take on the additional potential for liability and the extra cost.

Protection Is the Bottom Line

At the end of the day, you want to consider hiring security guards to keep yourself, your business, and your employees protected. By asking the essential questions, you’ll be better prepared to make the right choice.

Whether it’s an armed guard who works overnight or a friendly greeter who can keep an eye on your property, security guards play an essential role in our safety.

Make a list of the qualifications and services that are important to you, then compare prices and reviews to ensure you pick the right option.

For more information about the importance of security in a wide range of facets and security guard duties, be sure to visit our blog.

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