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5 Necessary Security Guard Items Not on a Duty Belt

5 Necessary Security Guard Items Not on a Duty Belt

Whether armed or unarmed, a security guard has a strategically filled duty belt. Standard items might include a flashlight, handcuffs, pepper spray and a baton. But what about beyond the duty belt? There are a few items an on-duty security guard should have on hand that aren’t on the duty belt. Here are the top five items you do not want to be without.

Security License

An up-to-date security license should be on your person when you are on duty. If there is an incident and a report is filed whether with the company or the police, a license may be requested to confirm your position. Many jurisdictions require security guards to have their license on them any time they are on duty. In some instances, it can be a citable infraction to not have a security license on your person while on duty.

High Quality Rubber Soled Boots

Security guards can spend a lot of time on their feet whether patrolling an area or working an entrance gate. You want footwear to provide support for those long hours. Boots or shoes with rubber soles also provide extra traction and can be helpful if you patrol areas with tile floors that become slippery if they become wet. Rubber soles can help with footing if you are engaged with a suspect. If you work for a security company, check to be sure you meet their guidelines before making a purchase.

Notepad & Pen

Even in the age of technology with smart phones that can capture incidents or provide evidence, a notepad has not lost its significance. Even if you are working at a location that has a computerized reporting system, or security cameras, having a pen and pad is useful. If you can take photos of an incident that is useful, but you will still need to add notes to a patrol log. Having jotted down notes can make it easier to remember exactly what occurred so you can record accurately. It is highly suggested that you use a waterproof pad, so you don’t lose notes if they become wet.

Cell Phone

Cell phones are invaluable for security guards. It is good to have on hand should emergency personnel be needed such as the police department, fire department or EMTs. But it is also good to have access to the camera and video capabilities a phone provides. Photos and video footage can provide essential evidence if a court appearance or documentation is required regarding an incident. Take photos of anything you feel could provide evidence or be useful.


Gloves can serve multiple purposes. Latex gloves can be useful if you’re in a situation requiring first aid. They can also provide protection when apprehending a suspect should you encounter a syringe or knife. Heavy duty gloves can help with your grip on a baton or other handheld gear. And during the winter months they can protect your hands if your security work takes you outdoors.


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