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Excellent Private Investigative Tools

These 8 Gadgets Make Excellent Private Investigative Tools

Looking for equipment to take your private investigations to the next level? These gadgets make excellent private investigative tools.

A private investigation falls under the categories of jobs today that need you to invest in tools that will make your work easier and unnoticeable. Thankfully, as technology advances, your work as an investigator is made even easier.

You can take advantage of smartphone apps, software, and other digital resources. However, you can also invest in a wide range of nifty spy gadgets.

If you are just starting out, you may be confused about which gadgets will help you land your first client and get them to recommend you. There are many costs and gadgets to consider, and as a beginner, you may not have much money in your bank account.

This article gives you a list of 8 private investigative tools that will make your work more effective and efficient.

1. Device Cloning

Most of the best investigative spyware is not only too expensive, but they are also illegal in most states. Device cloning is an alternative and will help you clone a phone or a computer’s hard drive.

They allow you to preserve all the digital data from the individuals being investigated even if they end up deleting the information. This allows you to hard trace the habits of individuals and get all the information you need to the case.

You can pay another person to get close enough to the person being investigated to get the phone cloned. You should also know that the law does not apply to data collected from phones like photos and texts.

It is a convenient way for you to get all the information you need without involving the phone manufactures or data carriers. You will see who is calling, the texts that they receive and any information from accounts synced to their phones like emails and social media messages.

2. Defensive Weapons

The truth is that as a PI, you may find yourself in some dangerous positions. Therefore, it is essential that you protect yourself against any form of aggression that you may have to deal with. Depending on who you are investigating, you can choose lethal and nonlethal weapons.

Invest in a concealed weapon carrying permit. With a small handgun, you can protect you from potential threats. You can also go for stun guns, pepper sprays, tasers, and impact guns if you are not investigating dangerous criminals. These non-lethal weapons will protect you from animals and people.

You may also need to invest in some defense classes like tae kwon do and krav maga. They will help you know what to do to protect yourself and other innocent people in case of an attack.

3. GPS Tracking

You can make use of GPS and IMEI trackers to keep track of a person when they are on their phones and in their cars. You can install a GPs tracking device on a car and track its movements.

This is a small device, so the owner of the car may not even know that the device is there. You can also hack the already existing GPS device in their car.

If an individual is suspected of adultery, this is a great way to keep track of their movements. Companies also use them to find out if they are using the company car for personal businesses.

Most of these devices are magnetic, and you can attach them easily underneath the car. They provide real-time information about locations that you can follow.

4. Cameras

A camera is an investigator’s best friend. Over the decades, cameras have evolved a great deal. Today, they are more powerful and are able to take reasonable and clear pictures even over long distances.

With a high lens, you do not need to follow a person to close, as they will notice they are being watched. You can also plant tiny cameras in their cars or homes. These cameras will take videos and give you real-time information on what they are doing.

5. Special Databases

Private investigators need to have access to databases that are not available to the public. You can easily use these databases to find all the essential information on the subject before you start tailing them.

You can also tell if the person has a criminal record and what they were accused of. This will also allow you to understand the person you are investigating better.

6. Advanced Google Searches

Google searches are even better because they allow you to find everything the person has ever posted online, even if they deleted it. You can also search for their faces in pictures that are posted by others. You can also make other searches that will help you learn more about your subject.

Google searches can help you find out more about their jobs and any properties that they own. Once you understand how to leverage the engine for more specific results, you will know everything you need to know that will help with your investigation.

7. File Sharing and Collaboration

If you are sharing your findings with your team or the person who hired you, you need to ensure that all your data is stored in a safe place where you can access it from any device. Programs like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Google Sheets allow you to get all the information you need in one location. You will also write notes and track your activities.

8. Layered Voice Analysis

Layered voice analysis allows you to correctly analyze the psychological, emotional, and truthfulness of content in a person’s voice. This is particularly useful when you are interviewing people or when listening to their recordings and phone conversations.

You can quickly isolate excitement and stress and allow you to know when people are lying and when they are truthful. In criminal cases, these tools can help lawyers.

Let Your Private Investigative Tools Work for You

With the private investigative tools listed above, it is easy for you to know more about who you are investigating.

If you want more information on private investigator insurance, contact our agents.

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