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5 Pro Marketing Tips for Private Investigators

Private investigators are stealth sleuths, people who know their craft well and can the find information if it exists out there. This does not necessarily mean they are savvy marketers, nor interested in investing the time needed to pull off a successful marketing campaign. Maintaining a presence on the internet, for example, demands a significant amount of time and understanding. This includes taking the time to post as well as keeping up with the dynamic trends and strategies involved in online marketing.

To help, here are several tips from private investigators who have learned how to market themselves effectively, while keeping up with their practice along the way.

1. Maintain Direct Contact with Lawyers

As with most marketing and networking strategies, it is critical to maintain personal contact with attorneys. This is all inclusive, including their receptionists, assistants, colleagues, even personal families. Strike up conversations with the kids, learn the name of the family dog. Prove that you pay attention to the details as well as care about them as more than just a client.

2. Possess a Strong Web Presence

The days of the yellow pages are gone for good, which means the best way to market yourself is on the internet. SEO/SEM is a constantly changing game, which means that there are two ways you can work on marketing your services online – learning it yourself or getting some professional help. You will need to optimize your web pages, maintain social media, and keep up with your efforts consistently if you want to maximize results. As such, it’s best to get ongoing professional help from an expert as it pays off in the end.

3. Speak at Local Networking Events

Get out there. Get on stage and prove you know what you’re doing. Speak at attorney events where you can meet more clients and keep the networking ball rolling. Speak at private investigation events to learn from peers and and establish authority in your field. Even the exercise of speaking in public can help improve your business, a bonus to the primary goal of marketing efforts.

4. Read Marketing Books

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s often something professionals forget about once their business has some momentum. However it is important to keep up with how the market changes. Additionally reading up on the current books keeps the marketing objective top-of-mind to ensure you don’t slip into slacking on the marketing efforts.

5. Hang Out Where Your Target Market Does

Where do lawyer spend their time? Courthouses. While they are on their breaks, be direct. Walk up to them, introduce yourself and offer a firm handshake along with what you do. If nothing else you will leave an impression on the other attorneys in proximity.

The bottom line is there are many ways that you can market yourself as a private investigator. Getting online and maximizing your presence on the internet is key. On top of that, getting involved with the public and engaging in traditional networking practices also propels your marketing campaign, and helps you meet new people along the way.



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