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Get An Affordable Quote for Private Investigator Liability Insurance From El Dorado Insurance – Premiums starting at only $500 / yr!

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Why Choose El Dorado Insurance?

  • EXPERTISE: El Dorado understands the Private Investigator industry and challenges you face when trying to get insurance tailored to your industry and not just a general policy.
  • STABILITY: With over 50 years of experience with private investigator liability insurance, you can trust that El Dorado will be your insurance partner with the right experience for years to come.
  • AFFORDABLE: Because of our knowledge and specialization in the private investigator industry, we can offer better rates and more affordable policies.
  • ACCESSIBLE: Talking with your specialist has never been easier. Our team is either a phone call or email away and promptly responds to your inquiries and needs!
  • PERSONAL: We truly understand your business and the liabilities you take on each day. We work with our clients on a personal and tailored basis to ensure the best service and coverage.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say:

Industry Knowledge, Industry Experience

Clients tell us that the biggest advantage of working with El Dorado Insurance Agency is that we already have an in-depth knowledge of their unique insurance needs. This is because we work exclusively with professionals across the security industry, removing the need for you to spend time educating us about your industry. We understand your business and work with you in their unique sect of that business.

general liability insurance - insured quickly

Get insured quickly!

Need insurance for your private investigator business? We can get your policy binded and insured within minutes! Get a quote today!

Easy Online Application

Easy online application for private investigator insurance

We know you are busy, and we always respect your time. That’s why our online application is quick and easy for you to complete. Our simple online application can get you protected in a matter of minutes.

small business insurance at low cost

Low-cost insurance for private investigators and PI companies

We are one of the largest insurance agencies for PI’s in the world. Because of our strong history, we are able to offer some of the lowest rates on the market.

Excellent Customer Service

The best customer service for private investigators

Our business knows your business. With our highly qualified and trained insurance agents, you will always be given excellent service.

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