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El Dorado understands the Private Investigator industry and the challenges you face when trying to get insurance tailored to your industry and not just a general policy.


With over 50 years of experience with private investigator liability insurance, you can trust that El Dorado will be your insurance partner with the right experience for years to come.


Because of our knowledge and specialization in the private investigator industry, we can offer better rates and more affordable policies.


Talking with your specialist has never been easier. Our team is either a phone call or email away and promptly responds to your inquiries and needs!

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“No one beats the prices from El Dorado- no one. Other companies offer generic policies instead of specific solutions customized to meet the requirements of our business. El Dorado is a company that backs up their commitment with action. They fully explain the conditions of contracts for insurance coverage. Response is immediate and the advice is appropriate. I can call any time for service and support. El Dorado is a tremendous resource for our company. It is a pleasure to do business with them.”

David Tremblay, Murray Guard Inc., TN

“If you can’t reach or have to wait on your agent, then it’s not a good plan. I love the personal contact I get with El Dorado. I can call right now and get a live person on the phone. My coverage is better than what I had and the price is significantly lower. They’re just the best, hands down.”

Dennis Sebenek, Custom Protective Services

“El Dorado has been providing insurance for United International Investigations since 1999. The representatives of El Dorado have always been very helpful and prompt in answering any questions I may have, and the cost of the insurance is always very competitive. I would suggest that all investigative agencies consider insuring through El Dorado Insurance.”

Claude Bookout, CEO/Chief Investigator, United International Investigations, TX

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Industry Knowledge, Industry Experience

Clients tell us that the biggest advantage of working with El Dorado Insurance Agency is that we already have an in-depth knowledge of their unique insurance needs. This is because we work exclusively with professionals across the security & private investigator industries, removing the need for you to spend time educating us about your industry. We understand your business and work with you in their unique sect of that business.

Since 1968, El Dorado Insurance Agency, Inc. has been filling the insurance needs of hard-to-insure individuals and businesses. Our long-term relationships with trusted insurance carriers, affordable prices, industry knowledge, and customer attentiveness helped get El Dorado where it is today. Our partners and associations are some of the most trusted in the industry and because of their high quality products we’re able to pass along quality and savings to our customers.