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Build Your Bar Business or Go Bust: Why Nightclub & Bar Insurance Could Make the Difference

Adding alcohol to the menu is a surefire method to boost revenues, but it can also be a recipe for business disaster.

For new bar or nightclub owners that aren’t aware, Dram shop laws are designed to prosecute bar and nightclub proprietors, bartenders and wait staff who over-serve alcohol to their customers. In general, dram shop laws favor the plaintiff, even if the person suing you is the very same patron who got drunk at your bar, left and got into a drunk driving accident!

In this case and many more, standard business liability insurance will not be enough to protect your business and recoup expenses if you are sued.

With over 48 years of experience in hard-to-insure industries under our belt, El Dorado Insurance Agency is the partner you need, with the experience you need to protect your investment and potentially save your business.

Nightclub & Bar Insurance: What Is It?

Wherever alcohol is sold and served, special considerations arise. Alcohol consumption (like secondhand tobacco smoke) has the potential to affect innocent non-imbibing patrons and partakers alike.

For this reason, nightclub and bar owners must take care to carry the right type of insurance to protect their investment and operation. It is also essential to select a trustworthy, experienced and established insurance professional with a wide variety of knowledge within difficult-to-insure industries.

Nightclub & Bar Insurance: What Do I Need?

El Dorado Insurance Agency will work with you to created a customized insurance package based on your unique needs as a Bar or Nightclub operator. The following list represents many of the typical options that can be included in a customized insurance package for your business

  • General Liability

    General liability is, as its name suggests, protective of the building structure, contents, general premises and any incidents not directly traceable to alcohol consumption (for this, see “liquor liability”)

  • Liquor Liability

    Liquor liability insurance is simply not optional for any establishment serving or selling alcohol

  • Event Liability

    For live events on the premises, event liability insurance covers all the possibilities that cannot be foreseen, as well as many that can

  • Bouncer Liability

    In the event that a bouncer’s need to remove an intoxicated patron requires causing unavoidable harm to that patron, this policy will protect the business and the bouncer.

  • Assault and Battery Liability

    It is simply impossible to predict how consuming alcohol will affect every patron that walks into the bar or nightclub. Some may become mellow and others may get belligerent. Assault and battery liability is thus one of the most essential riders to carry in this business

  • Garage-Keeper Liability

    For any bar or nightclub offering valet parking, this can be a real benefit if a vehicle sustains damage while on the bar or nightclub property

  • Concert Liability

    For bars and nightclubs that feature local or out of town entertainers, there may be a requirement to carry this liability rider

  • Workers Compensation Insurance

    An on-site worker injury can be very costly to a business that lacks workers compensation insurance

Additional Insurance to Consider

In building a customized insurance package tailored to the needs of each unique hospitality business, sometimes it becomes necessary to add certain additional riders to an insurance bundle.

  • Unemployment Insurance

    Currently required in all 50 states.

  • Disability Insurance

    Currently required in some states.

  • Medical Insurance

    Currently required under federal law for any bar or nightclub with 50+ full-time employees

  • Business Interruption

    This rider covers loss of business income due to utilities outages and other reasons

  • Equipment Insurance

    This coverage provides for necessary repairs of equipment and/or appliances

  • Specialty Contents Insurance

    This rider will insure items not covered under general liability (such as alcohol inventory)

  • Building Insurance

    For owner-operators who own rather than lease the property or building, this rider insures for the value of the structure itself

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“No one beats the prices from El Dorado- no one. Other companies offer generic policies instead of specific solutions customized to meet the requirements of our business. El Dorado is a company that backs up their commitment with action. They fully explain the conditions of contracts for insurance coverage. Response is immediate and the advice is appropriate. I can call any time for service and support. El Dorado is a tremendous resource for our company. It is a pleasure to do business with them.”

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