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Let El Dorado Protect Your Company from Acts of Employee Dishonesty

Fidelity (Employee Dishonesty) Bond for Businesses

Crimes like financial forgeries, embezzlement, unauthorized money transfers, computer fraud, and others are far too common in the workplace.

Employee dishonesty insurance is crucial to businesses of any size. A commercial crime policy compensates the business owner for employee’s actions that can cause financial harm to the company. Of course, you want to be able to trust your employees, but sadly, crimes like financial forgeries, embezzlement, unauthorized money transfers, computer fraud, and others are far too common in the workplace. Having an employee dishonesty policy in place can help mitigate these types of losses.

Business owners who are worried about crime-related losses caused by employees are provided a layer of protection when they have employee dishonesty, employee theft, or fraud coverage. Coverage is relatively extensive, and affordable when you take into consideration the potential cost of losses. It’s a commonsense way to protect your business and assets.

Employee Dishonesty Insurance

Why Choose El Dorado Insurance for Your Employee Dishonesty Insurance?

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Employee dishonesty insurance protects your business from financial loss caused by employee theft of money, property, or securities. It can be overwhelming to try and grasp the complexities of the policy. At El Dorado Insurance, our specialists will work closely with you to ensure the process is simple, smooth, and easy. Here are just a few of the reasons you should choose us for your employee dishonesty insurance.

Outstanding Reputation

El Dorado Insurance has been in the business for decades. We have built a reputation for trust and respect. When you work with our specialists, you’ll be working with individuals who have valuable, trusted expertise and experience.

Our Focus is You

We love helping clients like you find solutions that work. We have a unique eye for detail so you can be sure we won’t miss anything. Our specialists take the time necessary to break down the details and ensure your policy addresses your specific needs.

Trusted Relationships

We work for you. However, we also work with you. One of our goals is to maintain open communication with you about every detail of your policy. We want to establish a relationship with your business that we can build on.

Expertise and Experience

We understand all the insurance lingo, but we also understand that it can seem like a foreign language to you. Our specialists take the time to make sure you understand exactly what you are getting. We will carefully explain insurance-related terms that can be complicated or complex.

Customized Policies

We do not use a one-size-fits-all method for creating insurance policies. Each business is different and has unique needs. Our insurance specialists at El Dorado work closely with you to develop an Employee Dishonesty Insurance policy that fits your specific business in terms of size, budget, and needs.

Finding the right Employee Dishonesty Insurance for your business

Expectations and Requirements

There are no legal requirements to carry employee dishonesty insurance. For the most part, employers want to trust those they hire to help them run the business. There is always risk involved. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to dishonest acts and employee theft. They may not have systems in place that can prevent these types of crimes.

Covering Your Losses

Recent stats indicate that nearly 75% of employees admit stealing from employers. One bad apple can ruin your reputation and many companies end up filing for bankruptcy due to internal losses. A policy can help protect you. It can mean the difference between having to shut your doors or keep them open.

Employee Dishonesty & Theft Insurance

Employee theft can take many forms. Stealing merchandise, office equipment, or taking cash from a register, are easier to spot. Transferring funds, diverting checks, or cybercrimes are more difficult. Employee dishonesty and theft insurance covers your business from financial loss caused by actions of dishonest employees.

Employee Theft Policy Modifications

As your business changes, your needs for insurance changes too. We understand that and that’s why we allow you to make modifications to your policy as needed. An El Dorado insurance specialist can assist you in making applicable changes that change or grow with your business and its needs.

Protecting Assets

We hope your business never suffers loss due to employee dishonesty. But having a policy with El Dorado can help cover your assets if an employee steals property or cash, commits credit card fraud, forgery, or embezzles. Having employee theft insurance can help keep you out of bankruptcy court.

Flexible Deductibles

When it comes to setting deductibles for your policy, we work closely with you. Our specialists will help you determine deductible amounts that fit your budget and your situation.

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Employee Dishonesty - Cybercrimes

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