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Top 5 Home Automation Systems of 2016

Home automation involves connecting home systems and appliances together via a network. This means that homeowners can control and automate just about any device or appliance with home automation, whether or not they are at home or on vacation halfway across the globe. Although home automation has been around for decades, it has now become much more user-friendly and widely available for anyone that wants to use it. Home automation systems provide homeowners with safety, convenience and security. Here are our top picks when it comes to the home automation systems available on the market today.

#1 – Samsung Smart Things

Samsung has a robust smart home system that allows hundreds of devices to be connected to the home automation system. Thermostats, lights, speakers, appliances and more can all be controlled via a smartphone app. There are an almost endless array of possibilities for home control using Smart Things. Amazon Echo, a quickly expanding home automation personal assistant, can be used with Smart Things. Amazon Echo is an internet connected-speaker that responds to commands. It can look up news, play music and control light switches and other home systems. Homeowners can also use Samsung Smart Home technology can be used to determine if a water leak has occurred in the home while they are away, know when kids come home from school and even figure out what is left in the refrigerator while shopping at the grocery store. This home automation system is one of the most complete and advanced systems available.

#2 – Smart Home Solutions, already a leader in residential and commercial security, offers complete home automation with its totally integrated system. This system is easily customizable for each homeowner’s unique needs and the devices work really well together. also offers automation for business needs, as well. has a unique array of wellness apps to help older adults age safely in place at home. Family members can have peace of mind knowing that their loved one is safe at home. The home automation system can be used to determine if a loved one is getting up and about, leaving the home at odd hours or has fallen down. Routine tasks can be simplified using’s home automation. Caregivers can turn down thermostats or lights if a loved one forgets to do so.

#3 – Iris by Lowe’s

Iris by Lowe’s is one of the home automation systems that has been around awhile. Since debuting in 2012, Iris by Lowe’s has changed quite a bit. Lowe’s has now introduced a second generation of home automation with many more features than the first. Control temperature, locks, lights and more right from your mobile device, simplifying your life and making it easier to achieve peace of mind. Just connect your Iris devices and access them all from the simple, powerful Iris by Lowe’s app.

#4 – WeMo

WeMo has a number of home automation products available. Their technology allows homeowners to control their slow cooker from work. Another neat feature offered by WeMo is a water flow sensor that can detect usage by different toilets, taps and faucets all throughout the home. Various security features are available including a Wi-Fi camera with night vision and light switches that are activated via motion. WeMo is also compatible with Amazon Echo, Amazon’s smart personal assistant.

#5 – Wink

Wink allows homeowners to control security, power and lights all through a single app. Almost every system in a home can be monitored and controlled via Wink. This system is easy to use with a simple, intuitive app available for either iOS or Android. Wink is unique as it works with a number of different brands of home automation equipment, such as Honeywell, Nest and Philips. This means that homeowners can choose which devices they want in their home. The devices work together well for complete home automation.

New to the Home Automation Market

Two newcomers to the home automation market include Apple Homekit and Google’s Brillo. Apple just released the Homekit and Brillo is currently still in the development stage. Apple already has tons of HomeKit compatible accessories and likely will add many more. Apple uses the Apple TV as the central hub of their home automation system. Lights, locks, thermostats, garage doors, doorbells, air conditioners and more can all be controlled via HomeKit. HomeKit works with Siri. Using their iOS device, homeowners can tell Siri things like “Start the oven” and “Heat the upstairs to 85 degrees”.

Brillo is still in the development stage but will likely work with Nest, Google’s existing home automation product line. Nest currently offers an indoor and outdoor camera, thermostat and carbon monoxide alarm. No matter which system is chosen, a professional alarm installer can ensure that all home automation devices are configured correctly and will communicate with each other.

If you are a security expert and install home automation systems, it is imperative to have liability insurance to prevent against damage. To talk to an expert about your insurance needs, contact El Dorado Insurance Agency today.

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