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Reasons Your Alarm Company Should Offer Free Installations

7 Reasons Your Alarm Installation Company Should Offer Free Installations

In a recent police survey, 85% of participants felt that the presence of a home security alarm will deter burglars from attempting a break-in. And in homes with security alarms, 60% of attempted burglaries are unsuccessful.

It’s obvious that alarm systems are an essential way of keeping a home safe and secure, yet only 15% of American households own a home security system.

Why do so many families go without this vital system, and what can your company do to help buck that trend? Keep reading for 7 reasons why you should offer free alarm installations to your clients.

The Benefits of a Home Security System

In a report published by UNC Charlotte, a whopping 60% of burglars would avoid homes with alarm systems! So, let’s do the math.

There are around 1.5 million home burglaries each year. If every home in the USA had a security alarm installed, 900,000 of those crimes could be deterred. Sobering stuff, isn’t it?

Aside from the theft itself, the effects of burglaries can be felt for months–even years–after the event. Homeowners may become fixated on their family’s safety, and with good reason.

Lasting anxiety, fear, and sleeplessness can all result from a home break-in. And the disturbing effect burglaries have on children are only just being realized.

It’s clear to see that security alarm installation is necessary for the peace of mind of any household. But why should your company offer that alarm installation for free?

  1. Allows More Residents Access to Alarms

We all know how important security alarms are in a home, but for many residents, they simply can’t afford one.

By offering free alarm installation as part of your service package, you’ll reach a wider audience. If homeowners can see a clear pricing system, with a final figure that includes installation, they’ll know exactly how much they need to spend and can budget accordingly.

  1. Offers Value for Money

Everybody likes a bargain, and that’s just as true when it comes to home alarm systems. Nobody likes to feel like they’re shelling out over the odds for a service, and if they find somebody else that does it for free, they’ll likely choose that company instead.

When your customers feel they’re getting a good deal, they’ll be far more likely to pick your services over a competitor. Plus, they’re often happy to pay for optional extras with the money they save.

  1. Fosters Good Customer Relationships

Offering free alarm installation is a sign of goodwill, and that goes a long way to building lasting relationships with your customers. Free installation shows that you care about your clients and that you want to do them a good turn.

When customers feel cared for, they’ll feel more comfortable about contacting you for support and acting on your recommendations for making their home more secure. Showing people you care goes a long way in their opinion of you.

  1. Results in Return Customers

Oftentimes, homeowners will choose a basic package with a company and see how they fare, rather than putting all their eggs in one basket and living to regret it. You need to show them your basket’s safe, worth it, and not going anywhere.

By including alarm installation as a standard free service paired with your products, you have the chance to show customers the quality of your work and build trust.

When your clients trust you to do a good job, they’ll ask you to do more for them, and know they’re in safe hands.

  1. Increases Recommendations

As we’ve seen, free installation results in lots of good feelings with your customers. So, when they’re asked by friends and relatives who they’d recommend, your name will be the first on the list.

If you treat your customers like gold, they’ll tell everyone they know about you. Increased recommendations mean a bigger client base, so your business will grow as word-of-mouth increases.

  1. Improves Your Reputation

When alarm installation is free, you’ll be known for it in your area, especially if you’re one of the few companies who offer it as standard.

Potential customers will know they’re covered once they’ve placed an order with your company. Stress is reduced–all they need to do is stay home and wait for your engineer to arrive.

Peace of mind is your customer base’s main priority. When you recognize this and show customers it’s your company’s main priority too, your good reputation will grow.

  1. It’ll Actually Make You Money

In the end, your decision on whether to offer free installations may boil down to the cost implications. But what if free alarm installation actually made you money, rather than losing it?

It’s true the initial outlay for a free installation will cost you, but focus on the long-term benefits of this service. As long as your margins are right, you’ll quickly see more money coming in over time.

Free installations will result in more orders, and as we’ve said before when customers know they’re getting a good deal, they’re often happy to spend more on extra services.

And if you have a large uptake of orders once you switch to free installation as standard, that’ll result in the dollars rolling in.

The Bottom Line on Offering Free Alarm Installation to Your Clients

Every household in America should have a home alarm system. Security alarms make for safer homes, greatly reduce the risk of burglaries, and can even help with reducing anxiety, sleepless nights and fear.

The expense of a home alarm, though, puts a lot of homeowners off. If you can offer them a value-for-money service, but also show you care, you’ll have customers flocking to your door.

Offering free alarm installation will boost your reputation, increase your return-customer base, and word-of-mouth sales will go through the roof.

So, what are you waiting for? Offer your customers free alarm installation, and you’ll see the benefits in no time.

Do you need insurance to cover your engineers during the installation process? Check out our alarm insurance page to see exactly what we can offer you and how we can help!

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