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Video Verification: More Than Just Intrusion Protection

Video surveillance provides a powerful way to keep businesses and residential homes safe. Traditional uses for video security are of course to verify intrusions and prevent false alarms. Yet there are more ways that security system companies are taking advantage of this unique technology.

Beyond Intrusion Detection

Detecting intruders can be done in a variety of ways. Using video surveillance however, users can link to other protection technologies such as alarm systems, access control and other events to the camera. The benefit here is that it can improve efficiency, productivity and operations, given that technology can more accurately assess situations and more quickly trigger systems to respond to a security threat event. Further still, users can monitor the level of security sensitivity, which can tailor more effectively to a specific facility or situation.

Cloud-Hosted Systems

The cloud is proving to be more and more helpful across technology needs, especially with regard to security. Cloud-hosted platforms can take video snapshots and store in a database, which can make it easier for a user to access this data from multiple access points. This can improve communications with other users who need to access this information, such as law enforcement or security companies themselves.

Identification of Images

In the cases where persons caught on film are expected on the premises, users can type the names of those individuals into the database, enabling the system to recognize who is on camera. This again increases efficiency and reduces the occurrence of false alarms. This is also an added benefit for cases of internal theft, helping companies more accurately identify who the person is. Having this information reduces false accusations and increases the ability to identify the responsible party.

Text Messaging

In the event of a security breach, every second counts. Receiving critical information a few moments sooner can mean the difference between catching a criminal and/or preventing a violent crime. Users with security video can receive text messages automatically when a person enters a facility. Video can identify if that person belongs there, for example if a staff member goes to a supply closet, users will know that there is no threat taking place. Yet if the person cannot be identified, text messaging can help alert users quickly if action needs to be taken.

Video surveillance has become increasingly helpful in securing facilities against theft, intrusion and crime. It also helps more effectively run companies with a high need for security, so employees and guards who belong there are not trapped for long in the waiting game of approval clearance. Time will only tell how much further video will help guard facilities, which at this pace will likely continue to improve.



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