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Top Ways Your Alarm Company Can Partner with the Construction Industry

The Top Ways Your Company Can (And Should) Partner with the Construction Industry

The construction market is healthy and expected to grow even faster in the coming years. One key aspect of that growth is greater incorporation of smart devices in new developments – and this provides security installation companies with valuable opportunities.

Now is a great time to work on partnerships with nearby builders, contractors and developers are planning new construction projects. But while this market can be lucrative, many companies may be unsure of where to start. Here are several ideas to help win these valuable construction clients.

Look for Local Builders and Contractors Involved in New Projects

It may seem like development projects already have contracts directly with large security system companies and don’t need any local assistance when including security devices in their new buildings. Sometimes, that’s true – but you may be surprised at how many local builders around you don’t have these types of contracts in place. The best way to find out is to reach out: Specifically, work on connecting with local builders, contractors and investors in your area to offer your own products and services for new developments.

You may find many different opportunities here, depending on how localized a development is, and what the contract arrangement looks like. For one project, you may find that the electrician is tasked with installing certain types of security devices in a new building, but that electrician doesn’t have any partnerships with local alarm installation companies – making them a valuable lead. In another development, you might discover that the architect is making all the security device choices, and is interested in working with someone who can easily meet local building codes. There are many different possibilities, and you won’t know what partnerships await until you start looking. Key things to consider are:

  • Available Packages: It’s a good idea to offer specific packages for contractors and builders in your area, based on their needs. Keep in mind that new developments tend to have relatively simple installation needs, so they packages could be simple as well. A basic security system and smoke/CO2 detector may be all the buildings need, so plan for this. If you offer products from any well-known security companies, make sure you advertise this or include these products in your offerings. Builders will be much more interested in working with you if you install products they are already familiar with.
  • Delivery: How and when will you deliver your alarm products? Do you have a contract set up for delivering these products if someone is interested? Do you have enough time and manpower for the size of the development project? These are all things you need to think about well ahead of time to create a high-quality arrangement.
  • Training: Will your own technicians be installing all devices, or will other contractors need to be involved as well? Will everyone have the proper training for installation, or do you need to offer certain types of training as part of your package?
  • Brand Representation: Will buyers know that you’re involved? Is your brand represented in any promotional material, stickers or signs? It really should be!

Start Marketing Security Devices for Construction Projects Themselves

As the construction market continues to grow at a healthy pace, a problem has grown with it in recent years: Construction site theft. Thieves are targeting everything from power equipment to raw materials as a way to make quick cash – without the risks that come for home burglary.

One result is that construction companies are now much more interested in security equipment for their work sites. Even if it’s a struggle to partner with builders for security installations in new development, you should still reach out to the market and see if there’s a need for building site security during construction.

Companies that can offer wireless security solutions may do best in this field, but even if your wireless products are limited you should still explore possibilities in this area!

Create Content That Demonstrates Your Suitability for Builders

If you take a look at larger security and alarm companies, you will find that most have landing pages and other Web content specific devoted toward builders (here’s an example from Zions Security). If you have the resources, follow suit with your own web page focused on what you can offer builders.

This is a great place to offer any specific packages like we mentioned above, but it’s also a spot where you can include builder-focused web forms or other calls to action, and a general invitation to builder and contractors in your area (bonus engagement for offering a special program just for builders). Let them know how easy it is to get security devices installed in their new projects, and mention any developments that you’ve worked on in the past, too. Partners will also be looking for the proper certification and insurance for your company, so be sure to display this.

Get Involved in Local Economy Meetings

Most cities and towns hold regularly economic forecast gatherings for nearby business leaders and company owners. These meetings are great for networking, but there’s an additional benefit – it’s a good way to hear news about any new planned developments that haven’t started construction yet, an ideal target for security partnerships. Regular attendance to such meeting can reveal new opportunities and valuable information.

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