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What Can DIY’ers Learn From Professional Alarm Installers?

Alarm systems are becoming more popular than ever before, partly due to the advent of wireless systems which can be installed by Do-It-Yourself-ers. There are, however, a number of pitfalls to clients installing their own systems. Improper installation can both keep the system from functioning properly as well as release the alarm company from responsibility for break-ins. Here are 3 things that amateurs can learn from the pros when it comes to installing alarm systems.

1) Understanding where to place key components

One common mistake that amateurs make is placing keypads near doors or windows. The keypad is a central component of the entire system, so an easily disabled keypad makes an entire system vulnerable. When people install their own systems, they will often place the keypad near the door for their own convenience. This is a mistake. Alarm systems have a delay for a reason, and that is to allow homeowners to make their way away from doors and windows before disabling alarms. In addition, placing a keypad where it can be seen through a window allows potential intruders to simply look through the window to see if the system is armed or not.

2) Understanding what alarm systems are really meant to protect

People often purchase and install alarm systems to protect their belongings rather than their person. Good alarm systems are not meant to protect a client’s valuables when they are away from home, they are meant to protect the occupants of the home when they are at their most vulnerable – such as when they are asleep. A good alarm system doesn’t warn you someone is in your home after they are inside, it warns you before they even get there. Professionals design complete systems with multiple layers of protection in such a way as to provide the best protection for occupants while they are in the home. Amateurs will often install systems to best protect their belongings when they are outside of their home.

3) Understanding how criminals think and test for vulnerabilities in the system

Most DIYers aren’t thinking from the perspective of criminals trying to break into their home when they install their own systems. Professional installers have a wealth of knowledge of exactly how those with ill intent evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of home security systems. Criminals know how to test a system to find it’s strengths and weaknesses, so professional installers have to understand how to keep these strengths and vulnerabilities hidden. Keeping key components out of sight and yet still functional is a crucial part of good home security. Installing a motion detector behind a plant or piece of furniture completely defeats its function as does installing a camera facing a window where direct sunlight renders it useless during daylight hours. The best system is one that is undetectable until it detects you.

These are just a few of the many rookie mistakes that a professional installer knows to avoid.

As a professional alarm installer, be sure you are protected the same way your clients are. Give El Dorado Insurance a call today to make sure your insurance coverage is as comprehensive as the coverage of the alarms you install.


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