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Industry Knowledge, Industry Experience

Clients tell us that the biggest advantage of working with El Dorado Insurance Agency is that we already have an in-depth knowledge of their unique insurance needs. This is because we work exclusively with professionals across the security industry, removing the need for you to spend time educating us about your industry. We understand your business and work with you in their unique sect of that business.

Long-Term Relationships with Top Carriers/Underwriters

Another advantage of working with El Dorado is our long-term relationships with some of the nation’s most trusted insurance carriers. Our relationship with First Mercury Insurance Company & CoverX Specialty began in 1991 and continues to this day.

Texas Mutual Insurance Company, leading workers’ compensation provider in Texas. Texas Mutual insurer’s 40% of the Texas workers’ compensation market. More than 62,000 business owners rely on them to meet the needs of their 1.3 million workers every day.

The Power of the Purchasing Group

The El Dorado/ASSIST/TBFAA workers compensation purchasing group was first established in 1993. An invaluable asset to Texas companies, the workers compensation group provides a wide range of services including impressive savings due to purchasing power, The Texas Star Network, safety programs and loss prevention consultants, and a 24/7 toll-free service to answer questions and handle claims, just to name a few.

This strong and established Purchasing Group has earned dividends* for 13 consecutive years. This consistent superior performance enables the Group to provide a wide range of services to its members, including:

  • Impressive savings upfront due to group purchasing power.
  • The Texas Star Network™, a health care network that helps injured employees get back to work.
  • Safety programs and loss prevention consultants to guide you through OSHA/TWCC regulations.
  • Assist in maintaining high workplace safety awareness.
  • Special Fraud Department to investigate suspicious claims.
  • 24/7 toll-free service to answer questions and handle claims.
  • Limited Reimbursement for Texas Employees Injured in Other Jurisdictions endorsement (LRC) coverage which replaces other state’s endorsement, requires no action by the agent or policyholder, and requires no supplemental actions.
*State law prohibits insurance carriers from guaranteeing future dividends.