Security Guard Firms Should Prepare for Use-of-Force Training in 2022

We have discussed before how important it is for security firms to train guards on how to properly use force – and when to avoid using it. This is a vital practice to help avoid injuries, mistakes, and associated lawsuits that come with that liability. It’s also become increasingly important as tensions in common areas [...]

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7 Qualities Every Security Guard Should Have

Being a security guard requires a unique and refined set of skills. However, there's a lot more than just excellent physical fitness and the ability to stay awake for long hours that are required of a security guard in today's world. With workplace robberies and other violent events on the rise, you need to make sure you [...]

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8 Tips For Your Security Guards Adjusting to Night Shift

If your security shift employees are struggling with the transition from day shifts to nighttime ones, it can become stressful on them. They might feel as if they’re struggling to get their heads around adjusting to night shift patterns. This can even affect their job performance or their life outside of work due to fatigue. [...]

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10 Important Tips for Safe and Successful Security Patrol

Millions of Americans have heeded the call to persevere the safety of others and have taken up careers as security guards. This comes as no surprise given all of the satisfaction a career dedicated to the protection of people can come with. Still, professions revolving around protection unfortunately come with the drawback of being dangerous. [...]

The Role of Security Guard Services in a Digital Age

Despite the prevalence of digital technologies in the world, security services continue to grow year by year. In 2017 the security industry boasted over $89 billion dollars globally. The US alone accounts for nearly 24% of all security guard services. Part of this industry boom comes from the need for more security to protect the [...]

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