Website Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the Online Scavenger Hunt for El Dorado Insurance Agency, Inc!

We invite you to look through our website and find our logo in hidden places. It will look like this (El Dorado Insurance Agency, Inc). Once you click on the logo, please read a little fact about our Agency and then record the letter that you found, in the correct sequence (1-5). Once you have found all five letters, please return to this page to submit the form below.

We hope you have fun and learn a little bit about our Agency. Good luck and happy hunting!


  1. What type of company are you?
  2. Take advantage of all the pages.
  3. We have been around a long time. Any clue how long?
  4. Read our security news about the demand for property damage protection.
  5. Read our news about security in malls and grocery stores.

Once you’ve discovered all the letters in our website scavenger hunt, please enter your information below, along with the 5-letter code that you found during your hunt to receive a $5 Amazon gift card. One lucky winner will be randomly selected to win a $250 gift card!