Accidents Happen. Are You Prepared?

Accidents happen every day and there is a reason they are called accidents. Accidents are things that no one can adequately plan for and they don’t generally happen as a result of someone else’s personal negligence – or even your own. Trees fall, hurricanes happen, falling down stairs happens. All kinds of accidents happen to people that aren’t anyone’s fault. But if it’s no one else’s fault, then there’s no one else to cover the costs of the damage when it happens. While no amount of planning or preparation can keep you from ever experiencing an accident, what you can plan for is what to do after they happen. 

Whatever It Is – We Have You Covered

For almost 50 years, El Dorado Insurance Agency, Inc. has specialized in insuring people against the catastrophic results of all kinds of accidents. Whether it’s your car, your boat, your property or your person, we have insurance packages that can cover it all.

Some of the types of Personal Lines Insurance we offer are:

  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Windstorm Insurance
  • Rental Dwelling Insurance
  • Vacant Dwelling Insurance
  • Flood Insurance
  • Motorcycle, ATV, Boats & Jet Ski Insurance
  • Townhome, Condo & Rental Property Insurance
  • Mobile Home Insurance
  • Farm & Ranch Insurance
  • Personal Umbrellas
  • Personal Articles Floaters

Experience Matters

Insurance policies can be full of confusing technical terms and multiple policies can either cancel certain benefits out or cause you to pay double the price for the same coverage. We offer the very highest levels of expertise, service and professionalism to our customers, just as we have for nearly 50 years now. Our experienced and knowledgeable agents are able to answer any questions you have and help you understand complicated insurance language in plain English. We can create one package for your that meets all of your needs without providing a lot of extraneous coverage you don’t need.

One Of The Most Trusted Names In The Insurance Industry

You don’t stay in business for nearly 50 years by being second best. We have been in business for that long for a reason. We are one of the industry’s leading insurance agencies and have been for a very long time now. And we hope to be one for a long time to come.

Call Us Today!

We want to begin to build and establish a trusted relationship with you, but we can’t do that unless you reach out and contact us. Remember, a phone call is free. Giving us a call doesn’t obligate you to use our services, but it does give us a chance to show you what we can offer you. Let us help you take a look at your current insurance coverage to determine if there are any gaps or holes in your coverage and whether you may be paying for coverage you don’t actually need.


Chantelle Dupuis, our personal lines manager, has worked in the insurance industry for 16 years. She has earned the CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor) designation for both personal and commercial insurance from The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research, and earned the Landlord and Rental Dwelling Specialist designation from Foremost Insurance. She looks forward to working with you on all of your personal insurance needs. Chantelle has the knowledge and experience to help you find policies that will give you peace of mind.

To learn more about the benefits of personal lines coverage from El Dorado or to obtain a quote, contact Chantelle by email or call us today at 800.221.3386, ext. 278.