Janitorial Insurance & Cleaning Business Insurance

The nature of owning a cleaning business means clients come to you to make – and keep – their facilities and homes looking polished, organized, and professional. Yet the actual running of that cleaning business is another story, and can sometimes get a bit disorganized and messy. For example, in considering what kind of services are performed onsite, it is critical to make sure you are covered in case of emergencies. Given this consideration, the need for quality and comprehensive cleaning business insurance in order to keep operations running smoothly is a must.

cleaning business insurance janitorial insuranceThere are also many types of businesses that specialize in cleaning, which naturally means there are a variety of types of insurance for cleaning businesses. If you specialize in janitorial work, for example, office buildings and schools turn to your business to keep their facilities clean, which will require janitorial insurance. If your expertise lies in upholstery and carpet cleaning, your working location may range widely from corporate settings to residential homes and can necessitate house cleaning insurance or carpet cleaning insurance. As you travel to conduct cleaning services and handle others’ property, your business is exposed to more liability risks along the way. Your work happens in other businesses or even personal homes, which means you could be found liable for any number of things. An example of which is if someone blames their slips on the work your business performed – and that’s only the beginning.

Experts in Janitoral Insurance & Cleaning Business Insurance

This is why many cleaning services providers protect their business with the General Liability Insurance we provide at El Dorado Insurance, the perfect insurance for cleaning businesses. This fundamental insurance policy safeguards your janitorial firm or cleaning service against liability for unexpected accidents and property damage experienced by a third party. The General Liability insurance is a great solution for window cleaning insurance, commercial cleaning insurance, or just cleaning insurance in general.

Why El Dorado for Janitoral Insurance & Cleaning Business Insurance?

At El Dorado we understand your unique business and that adequate liability insurance is critical. With the general liability insurance we offer, your business will be covered should a disgruntled client file a lawsuit alleging your company is responsible for property damage or bodily harm. This comprehensive janitorial insurance program gives you the ability to combine broad property, liability, commercial auto, bonds, workers compensation and umbrella coverage with low preferred rates.