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Fire Sprinkler Contractors Insurance

Fires are dangerous, unpredictable and pros at causing cataclysmic damage. In fact every year, fire suppression systems fail to operate properly, leaving lives harmed and homes, businesses and facilities to face unmentionable tragedy. Further still, these cases are almost entirely preventable because in about one-third of the cases, the cause for system malfunction is simply inadequate testing and/or maintenance. A specific example of this occurred in 1992 at a cogeneration plant, where a fire broke lose and killed three of the plant operators. While the plant was equipped with a fire sprinkler and prevention system – the system was off.

Fires are as serious as any kind of threat to humanity, which is why finding sufficient fire sprinkler contractors insurance is decidedly challenging. There are so many things that can go wrong when it comes to fires and in order to protect you and your business, full and complete fire suppression insurance is paramount.

Fire Suppression Insurance Experts

Fortunately, at El Dorado Insurance Agency we offer just the contractors insurance to meet your fire suppression business’ needs. It’s time to rely on the experts at El Dorado Insurance Agency if you specialize any of the following:

  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler Contractors
  • Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service Companies
  • Restaurant & Special Suppression System Risks
  • Fire Alarm/Burglar & Security System Installers
  • Fire Equipment Distributors/Fire & Emergency Apparatus Dealers

At El Dorado, we have designed a superior contractor liability insurance package with competitive rates backed by “A” rated insurance carriers. This rating means our insurance carriers are considered “excellent” in important areas like stability, management expertise, and the ability to meet financial obligations. There is no better choice for fire suppression companies who need independent contractor insurance.

Our Fire Safety program is designed specifically to fit the needs and coverage requirements of the fire protection industry. El Dorado understands the unique fire safety business, and offer comprehensive, affordable solutions to ensure your insurance needs are met.Fire Sprinkler Contractors Insurance