The Top Reasons So Many Journalists Are Hiring Private Investigators

Journalism and private investigation industries have always gotten along well: In fact, it’s a common move for journalist to eventually move into private investigation if they are looking for another type of employment. The reverse is also true: Many journalists have full schedules and may need help tracking down details or leads, so they turn [...]

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The Best Smart Home Devices for Upselling a Security Package

Upselling refers to convincing buyers to purchase additional products that enhance or supplement their original purchase. It’s a common approach when selling security and alarm systems, and has become even easier in today’s integrated world of smart devices where one platform can monitor and manage so many different products at once. The core of a [...]

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Why Every Security Guard Firm Should Discuss Use of Force with Clients

Preliminary discussions with clients offer many strategic advantages for setting up a long-term security contract – and nailing down specifics of service. But while these meetings are always a smart idea, we wanted to focus on one subject that security guard firms should bring up every time: Use of force. This may not be on [...]

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How to Get Government Contracts as a Private Investigator

Does your experienced private investigator firm have what it takes for government work? This part of the industry is sometimes ignored by PIs who are otherwise qualified for important contracts that can open up a number of new business opportunities. Interested in learning more? Here’s a quick guide on what you should and how to [...]

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DIY Alarm Installation: A Look at How the 2020 Security Industry Has Been Affected So Far

Since arriving on the scene several years ago, DIY security systems have caused a certain amount of consternation in the alarm installation industry. How would this new wave of small, battery powered DIY devices be received by the market? What sort of challenges would it create for the installation side of the industry? Some predicted [...]

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Can Private Investigators Use Information on Social Media? Here’s How It Works

With social media being a wealth of personal information stretching years into the past, it’s no surprise that these platforms have become treasure troves for all kinds of investigations. But at the same time, it is important for private investigators to know the boundaries when diving into social media – and to keep in mind [...]

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The Rise of Security Robots, and What They Mean for Security Guard Service

For the past few years, security technology has been discussing the appearance of “patrol” or “security” robots. These are bots that can move around and perform basic security tasks in a specific area like a mall, store, or plaza. They’ve also started becoming more common, which is raising plenty of questions for security firms of [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Offering Cloud Storage Solutions for Security Systems

With cloud storage becoming a common feature for today’s security systems and cameras, it’s important to offer cloud video storage to your customer…but also important to understand its limitations. Cloud video has its advantages for security, but it isn’t right for everyone, and installers need to be able to discuss the pros and cons so [...]

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Best Practices for Security Guards Preventing Property Damage

2020 has certainly been an interesting year for security guards. COVID lockdown requirements led to new opportunities and social distancing posed new challenges. Then waves of protests over mask wearing, police brutality, racism, statues and more swept across the nation, leading to all new security concerns. It’s no surprise that private business owners have become [...]

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Is Your Alarm Company Recommending Two-Way Audio in the Right Spots?

Two-way audio and mics (also known intercoms, two-way talking, walkie-talkie features, etc.) have grown to become a vital technology in the alarm industry. These devices, frequently paired with security cams but also available independently, allow owners to talk through the device as well as listen, and may even let them record audio. Once a circumstantial [...]

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