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Tips for Private Investigators When Discussing Sensitive Cases and Experience

There are two common ways that private investigators acquire more clients: Through an attorney that hires them for a particular case that they have taken, or through an independent customer that is seeking a personal PI service. When dealing with attorney relationships, matters of confidentiality and sensitive discussion topics aren't usually a problem. Both sides [...]

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6 Smart Ways to Increase Your Alarm Company’s Monthly Service Revenue

Learn how to increase your alarm company's service revenue using smart strategies and marketing. This guide shares quite a few MRR marketing and sales tactics. Is your alarm company losing monthly revenue? Have you hit a revenue plateau? As with any business, it's essential that you know how to increase your revenue for your alarm [...]

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Creating Trust: How to Get Valuable Testimonials in the Private Investigation Industry

Creating trust is key for PI companies, more even than other types of brands. The most trusted content comes from other people or business with the right experience: This is called "social proof," because it comes from outside the business's own marketing efforts and proves that they are trustworthy. One of the most effective types [...]

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The Top Skills Your Security Guard Hires Need in 2020

Guard managers need to be more selective than ever before in a market where industry demands and available applicants don't always match up. An attitude of "hiring whoever is next in line" won't work with today's security needs and new technology. If it's been a while since you have updated your hiring process, now is [...]

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Marketing for Beginners: Make Your Private Investigator or Process Server Company Boom Today!

Looking for a way to improve your marketing game? Marketing for beginners has never been easier when you read this guide perfect for a private investigator or process server company! Marketing may not be on your mind if you own a private investigator or process server company, but it’s important given the growing competition. Check [...]

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How Informative Video Content Can Boost Your Security System Sales

You have probably already heard that video marketing is a big deal right now – and it's popular because it works. The latest studies show that 68% of consumers would prefer to watch a short video to learn how something works rather than read a text-based article. When consumers are asked what type of video [...]

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9 Questions Every Security Guard Company Must Answer for High-Level Clients

Meeting and winning high-level clients and large company clients are important end goals for security guard companies. However, these types of clients can be particularly demanding. They often have experience with security firms, and they only want the best. To prepare to impress these types of clients, it's important to anticipate the sort of questions [...]

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When a PI Service is Better Than An Internal Investigation

When a corporate crisis occurs, companies must decide whether or not to begin an investigation – followed immediately by another pressing question: Should that investigation be internal or should the company hire private investigation services? Sometime the law or corporate policy will dictate the precise steps to follow during these situations. But sometimes things aren't [...]

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Your Clients and Their Rights: Everything Customers Should Know About Legally Installing Security Equipment

A common question clients ask is about what's allowed when it comes to their security systems and installation. Many buyers want to know, "Can I legally put a camera here?" or, more directly, "Could I get sued successfully for this? What's my liability like?" If you're involved in the installation process, you may be wondering [...]

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Changing of the Guards: How the Private Security Industry is Evolving

The global private security industry is worth $7 billion a year, yet it remains largely unregulated. The role the security personnel play in people’s lives can’t be overemphasized since they outnumber sworn police officers. It was the threat of terrorism after the 9/11 attacks that raised awareness of the role these security personnel play. They’re [...]

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