7 Rules Every PI Should Know About the Ban on Pretexting

If you’ve been watching the news or following social media stories the past several years, you have probably noticed a growing number of stories about how people have outed others – often criminals – through dating apps, catfishing, email phishing, and generally misrepresenting themselves online. It’s effective and may look like an attractive option to [...]

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Why COVID-19 Is Creating New PI Jobs in the Business World

We’ve already explored the interesting rise in demand for private investigators to keep an eye on remote workerswhen employers fear that they may not be fulfilling their duties from home as required. While that has created interesting business opportunities in 2020, there is another trend on the rise that could provide a different sort of [...]

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How to Explain Alarm Verification to Your Clients

Traditionally, alarm verification included basic methods to help reduce the likelihood of false alarms from a variety of security equipment. For example, smoke detectors would need to be triggered twice within a short period of time before an official alarm was started. As installers know, these features are important to help prevent false alerts at [...]

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How Security Guards are Playing Important Roles in the Vaccination Process

The changing landscape of 2020 has seen many new opportunities for the security guard industry, from changing retail procedures to new technology on the rise. But heading into 2021, there’s a new field rapidly developing, and firms looking for more growth should start keeping track. The rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations is slowly beginning across the [...]

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Private Investigators: Why Proving Value for Online Services is So Important

A recent tech scandal saw a major online private investigator service go under due to massive fraud that offered an idea of an online portal to connect hopeful clients to PIs…but instead cheated investors and used funds for everything from jewelry to vacations – all while lying about company growth. While generally troubling, this event [...]

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Security Guard Firms are Seeing a New Kind of Client: Reporters

In many ways, 2020 has been a boon to the security guard industry, as firms have seen increasing demand for guards in a variety of circumstances, from business owners interested in protecting their storefronts to retailers trying to manage surges in demand or new coronavirus-related regulations. But one area where we’ve seen some surprising increases [...]

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How AI is Making Modern Alarm Systems More Accurate and Less Expensive

AI services have cropped up across all kinds of industries in recent years: Everything from the spellchecker you use at work to the smart speaker you play at home probably has some kind of artificial intelligence behind it. But the security industry in particular has seen a slow but steady transformation thanks to AI, and [...]

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Subsidized Alarm Installation Programs FAQ (and Why You Should Get Involved)

Alarm programs that offer free alarms and subsidize installation are growing more common in communities across the United States, involving local governments and utilities in the installation process. It’s important for every alarm installer to be aware of any of alarm programs in their area – and how they can get involved to help further [...]

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Security Guards and Facial Recognition Technology: Here’s Where the Industry Stands

Facial recognition on cameras and security cam software has reached the point where it, like other key technologies, is affecting commercial markets and law enforcement – and that could mean major changes for the security guard industry, too. Some of those changes are already starting to happen, and the next several years will be a [...]

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Surveillance During Pandemic Lockdowns: Here’s How Private Investigators Have Responded

PI firms across the country have been dealing with a broad variety of situations brought on by COVID-19 and related local regulations – an issue that continues to be prominent in the United States. Surveillance jobs, in particularly, were put under strain by pandemic conditions, as daily habits shifted and the ability to monitor someone [...]

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