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Security Guard in Fatal Bank Robbery Shooting [VIDEO]

For security guard and former police deputy Brian Harrison, the New Year started out with a bang - several bangs, to be exact. On Friday, January 20, 2017, Harrison was at his usual post, working as a Metro Enforcement security guard for Alpine Bank in Rockford, IL. It was a laid-back day, and Harrison kept [...]

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Mobile Surveillance: Dangers, Pitfalls, and Liabilities

Professionals working as Private Investigators today enjoy a strong career outlook in a constantly evolving field with ever-expanding job opportunities. A "day in the life" of a Private Investigator often includes great diversity, from in-office research to field work to giving courtroom testimony. This last aspect is one reason why it is so important to [...]

Top 5 Security Guard Myths

Most people don't really know what a Security Guard does on a day to day basis. But this doesn't prevent them from inventing their own ideas for a Security Guard's job description. In this post, learn five of the top myths people believe about Security Guards. Myth 1: Security Guards are Hired for Their Brawn. [...]

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What Does it Take to Be a Private Investigator?

As a Private Investigator, or PI, you will enter a fast-growing field that offers excellent pay for full or part-time hours and exciting, diverse career opportunities. As a PI, you have the opportunity to create a career that reflects your interests and strengths. Even better, if you have previous experience in a related field such [...]

How Much is the Security Industry Relying on Technology?

Today's private security professional often has sufficient technological savvy to double as a cybercrime expert. This newfound expertise across the private security industry reflects two facts: Fact 1: Criminals today increasingly employ advanced technology to carry out their activities Fact 2: Security professionals increasingly must employ advanced technology to repel tech-savvy criminals The Rapid Shift Towards Technological [...]

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Drones: Security Threat or Security Tool?

In late January 2015, Secret Service agents were rattled when a small drone crash landed in a tree on the South Lawn of the White House. While it was later determined that the man was a Federal employee who was flying the drone for recreational purposes and had no malicious intent, the incident still raises [...]

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People Calling Hospital Security Guard a Hero

In December 2016, Officer Patrick Spencer, a hospital Security Guard at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Primary Care Center in Ohio, received recognition for his fast work and quick thinking in helping evacuate patients and staff members after detecting a gas leak. The gas leak actually occurred at a shopping center across the street from the hospital, [...]

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Private Investigation: A Second Career – Former Law Enforcement Professions

One of the perks of being in professional law enforcement is that you can often retire on a full pension after just 20 or 25 years of service. Retiring on a full pension, however, does not give most officers the ability to just cease working altogether for the rest of their lives. Even for those [...]

How the Internet has Improved Training for Security Guards

The 21st century has already seen a wide number of changes brought about by advances in technology. From video cameras in everyone's pocket to the ability to have a face-to-face conversations with someone halfway across the world, technology has enhanced our lives in many ways, but it has also brought about new concerns that were [...]

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5 Common Myths of Being a Private Investigator

There are a huge number of myths surrounding the Private Investigation business, ranging from the overly romanticized to the downright seedy. Here are a few helpful tips to separate fact from fiction when it comes to understanding the work of a Private Investigator. Myth #1- Most PI's are self-employed Fact: In reality, only about 21% [...]