Are You Facing a Security Guard Shortage? Here’s How to Attract New Hires

Has your security firm been facing some recruitment challenges in the past couple of years? You certainly aren’t alone. A combination of changing trends, new demand in other industries, and even the “Great Resignation” effect seen at the end of the COVID-19 pandemic have led to a shortage of security guards for businesses. If your [...]

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Smoke Alarm Flaws and How to Help Clients Fix Them

Upgrades and retrofitting are common parts of the alarm installation business – especially if home or business owners are currently unhappy with how their system is performing. Your installers can offer details through their inspections and quotes on what the current system isn’t doing right, and how it can be fixed. That’s especially important if [...]

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The Top Compliance Issues Every Physical Security Firm Should Avoid

As states review their security industry regulation and make important changes, there has been some increased scrutiny on security firm compliance. Security firms that aren’t aware of certain compliance requirements or don’t know that requirements apply to their industry can be at risk. Not only can failing to comply lead to fines or revoked licenses, [...]

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Private Investigators and Landlords: How These Two Industries Are Closer Than Ever

A corner of the private investigation market is larger than ever in 2022 – working with landlords and property management. Landlords are more focused on security than ever before, and deeply invested in finding reliable, safe tenants for their properties. That has many of them turning to PIs for help – and in the process, [...]

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Training Security Guards for Health Emergencies

We’ve discussed how important training is to help improve your security guards’ skillsets, decrease the risks of something going wrong on the job, and meeting the latest regulatory requirements. Here, we wanted to examine a particular type of training that’s becoming more popular in the industry: Emergency health response. This training prepares security guards for [...]

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Why the Burglar Alarm System Market is Expected to Grow So Much

Articles are starting to appear with good news for alarm installers: Far from slowing down, the alarm and security system markets are expected to continue their high growth that we’ve seen in the 2010s. That trend looks like it will continue all the way through 2030. It looks like installers will have plenty of opportunities [...]

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Top Tips on Body Armor for Security Guards

As attacks on security guards increase in a number of industries, we’ve seen more security firms consider implementing body armor requirements – or adding additional protection for their guards. Body armor is one of the most effective ways to prevent security guards from being harmed by most attacks. If you’re interested in providing body armor [...]

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