Should Your Security Guards Start Wearing Bodycams?

Bodycams have been in the news quite frequently these days and have become an increasingly popular addition to law enforcement around the country. That’s led a growing number of security firms to wonder if bodycams are an advantageous service their own guards should have. The answer can be a little complicated: Private security guards may [...]

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Employment Practices Liability Coverage

In an industry where high employee turnover is normal, how can a company protect themselves from wrongful termination lawsuits? Over the past decade, the number of employees alleging claims such as wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation has increased exponentially. Employees’ willingness to sue has been further compounded by the fact that settlements and [...]

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7 Important Surveillance Tips for PIs Watching Remote Workers

One corporate field of investigation has seen especially high growth in 2021 – surveilling at-home workers. With the sudden spike in remote work situations across the majority of industries dealing with COVID-19, companies found themselves wanting a way to make sure that key workers were actually performing their duties…and if they weren’t, actionable evidence that [...]

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New Fire Alarm Regulations to Watch for in 2021

If you’ve been keeping up to date on our insights for the alarm installation market, you know that we’ve recommended taking a look at ongoing updates to fire alarm systems as opportunities for new marketing and supplemental work throughout the year. Since alarm regulations are often implemented year by year as legislation goes into effect, [...]

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The State of Security Guard Regulation – And Why It’s Starting to Change

We have talked about issues related to security guard regulation before, but it’s time to shine a spotlight on it again, because things are starting to change even more quickly – and it may have widespread ramifications for the industry in the coming years. Security guard regulations – which include the licensing, insurance, and registration [...]

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Key Signs That a Commercial Fire Alarm System Needs to Be Replaced

Many commercial fire alarm systems can exist in a kind of gray, where if they are operational and can be properly maintained, a replacement is not required…not until a significant change occurs. Local and state laws can have an impact here, which is why it’s always a good idea to keep up with the latest [...]

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The Risks (and Benefits) of Hiring PI Subcontractors

Subcontracting is a potential solution for busy PIs that need help juggling cases. A PI can either hire a subcontractor independently by personally interviewing clients or use a vendor that offers specific PI services from a larger pool of candidates. Either way, this option has its own risks as well as advantages: Here’s what PIs [...]

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Situations Where a Private Investigator Should Always Notify the Local Police

The independence of private investigators from local law enforcement can be an advantage to many clients, especially when it comes to privacy and discretion. However, there are situations where an experienced PI needs to ask, “Should I go to the police with this?” Some of these situations are obvious, and some require a careful balance [...]

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Security Guards and Vehicle Safety: What Policies Should Your Firm Have?

Vehicle safety and guidelines don’t just improve security patrols or driving behavior: They also play a key role in protecting a security firm from liability and other issues related to poor vehicle performance. In the wrong situations – or without the right preparation – a vehicle can be a source of serious damage or bodily [...]

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