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Tools of the Trade – Great Guard Gear Online

Tools of the Trade – Great Guard Gear Online If you are a security guard working for a big security company, chances are all your gear is paid for by the firm. Or, you can purchase it, as needed, from the company using their great discounts. However, working for a big company isn’t always the [...]

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4 Tips to Improve Customer Service when Installing Alarm Systems

Customer service is the foundation of any business. When you are installing an alarm system for your customers, it is imperative to provide the high level of service they expect. An alarm installation company works with a variety of customers and they have different concerns regarding their safety. By taking measures to improve your customer [...]

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Will Robots Really Be Able to Replace Human Security Guards?

Although robotics has taken center stage when it comes to security details, there are a few reasons why the human factor can never be completely replaced. There are consistent arguments that robots are cheaper than human capital because there are no significant overhead costs such as overtime, health insurance and other benefits, while being able [...]

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Opportunities for Small and Mid-Size Security Companies Created by the High Volume of Acquisition Activity in the Industry Over the Last Couple Years

Over the last several years there has been an extremely high volume of consolidation with security guard companies primarily by a few of the national companies.  As a result, there are opportunities for the small and medium sized security guard companies. Set forth below is a discussion of the merger and acquisition integration issues and [...]

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