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When Communication is Your Best De-Escalation Technique: Adopting Customer Service Skills in the Security Guard Sector

Security guard employment is expected to grow 6% by 2026. For security guard companies, this means the demand for security is growing and you need the best talent on your team. But your security guards should serve more than protection. They need to be helpful to those they’re protecting and anyone else around them. What’s [...]

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These 8 Gadgets Make Excellent Private Investigative Tools

Looking for equipment to take your private investigations to the next level? These gadgets make excellent private investigative tools.

Book More Appointments in Your Neighborhood: Local SEO Strategies for Alarm Installation Companies and Contractors

A couple of years ago, your biggest marketing enemy was SEO. You didn't know what it meant let alone how it could help you grow your business. But, you added a blog to your site. You started asking for reviews. You utilized the best SEO practices based on experts' advise. It worked. Over time, your website got more [...]

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How to Protect Your Process Server or Private Investigation Business: 7 Legal and Insurance Tips

You've decided to start a process server or private investigation business. Sounds easy, right? Before you fall into the trap of thinking that there isn't much to worry about, think again. Just like with any other business, maybe even more so, there are legal details to take care of. You'll need to make sure you [...]

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8 of the Top Security Trends to Adopt in 2019

Adapting is how we stay on top! Here are eight of the top security trends your company should adopt for the new year! Did you know that the security guard industry market cap is predicted to reach 240 billion by 2020? Not only is this industry expanding, but it's also evolving at a rapid pace. As [...]

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How Many Hours a Week do Security Guards Work? Understanding Security Guard Rights

Many people who work as security guards or who are interested in the field are unaware of laws and regulations dictating how many hours they work. Keep reading to learn more about security guard rights.

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10 Alarm Service Business Ideas That Vastly Improve Customer Reach

What's a business without customers? Check out these 10 alarm service business ideas that are guaranteed to improve your customer reach instantly!

7 Modern Private Investigator Tools to Help You Close Cases Faster

Using the latest private investigator tools can make your work easier. In this post, we'll share some exciting PI tools to use. Keep on reading for more!

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Hiring Security Guards: What All Security Companies Should Know

Are you thinking about hiring security guards? Ensure you're prepared before the hiring process. Read this guide and know what to look for in a security guard. Whether you own a business or have a large home, ensuring your safety and the security of others is paramount. If you're undecided as to whether or not [...]

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How and Which Software and Technology is Changing the Game for Private Investigators

In the “good old days” of private investigation, old-fashioned field work and surveillance techniques were the norm. A private investigator stayed on the case, followed clues, talked to informants, and doggedly tailed someone to get the information needed for a client. These days, however, a private investigator hardly has to get out of the office [...]

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